December 8, 2015

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Gamo 611009154 Bull Whisper Extreme .177 Caliber Air Rifle price and review:
  • Shoots 1400 feet per second with PBA ammo
  • Steel Jacketed Bull Barrel with integrated Bull Whisper noise dampener
  • Durable all-weather black synthetic stock; Rubber grips Twin Cheek pads for ambidextrous shooting;
  • .177 Caliber Bull Whisper air rifle with GAMO 3-9X40AO scope
  • Single cocking system; SAT Trigger; SWA Recoil Pad

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General Gamo 611009154 description
GAMO Bull Whisper Extreme .177 air rifle has a new noise and muzzle blast reducer integrated into a bull barrel. Gamo Bull Whisper Extreme Specifications: Action: Spring piston break barrel Caliber: .177 Velocity: 1400 fps with PBA ammo Scope: 3-9x40Ao air rifle scope Reticle: GAMO standard reticle Barrel: Steel jacketed Bull Barrel with integrated noise dampener Stock: Durable all-weather black synthetic. Twin Cheek Pads for ambidextrous shooting. Recoil Pad: SWA recoil pad with up to 74 recoil absorbtion Trigger: SAT Two stage adjustable Cocking Safety: Automatic Trigger Safety: Manual Cocking Effort: 41lbs. Trigger Pull: 3.74lbs. Weight: 6.61bs. Length: 45.9″ Barrel Length: 19.2″. Pellets not included.

Comments about pricing:

I bought this Gamo Bull Whisper Extreme with 3-9×40 OAO Scope. 177 Cal Barrel Break rifle to do some serious plinking. Too bad this gun could not pattern inside 12″ at 75 feet, 25 Yards, regardless that I used all 8- of the available Gamo ammo, or with my stock of 6- Beeman all-lead pellets. I did my common scope mounting, and set the Windage turret at the 1/2 position. Then the Vertical turret at 2/3 down from full up. I then used a. 177 Cal Laser bore sight to set the Zeor at 75 feet, 25 yards. A couple clicks on each, and the laser dot was right on. Then I went to my local indoor range, and regardless the pellets I used, this rifle refused to pattern with any consistency. In fact, I will call it a steadily discrepant patterning rifle. To break-in the barrel, I brushed and swabed the barrel after 10 rounds, every time it came out clean. I shot at Casey-Birchwood 12″ circle targets. The best pattern I could get was about 10 to 11″, scattered all over this target. I believe the trouble is with the Muzzle break silencer, which has a 4″ setion of the barrel with silencer chanbers. This chamber doesn’t contact the pellet, and causes the pellets to tumble now exiting from the barrel crown. I paid $240. 00 for this weapon with its included scope. I have a Daisy Model 880 Long-Lever Pump pellet gun, that I bought for only $30. 00 that at 75 feet, 25 yards, patterns inside 1″. I don’t recommend that anybody buy any Gamo Whisper. 177 Cal pellet rifle till they crack the problem of pellet tumble from the muzzle silencer. Anybody want to purchase this gun from me? It only has 100 rounds shot thru it.

611009154 has great features, but before you get it read this first, you will love it

Should you buy it:

Powerful gun I personally was impressed with the power of this rifle. Sighing it in was interesting the pellets were going thru a 1×2 board from about fifty feet away. Hopefully it does as good on coons and rabbits as it does on boards.

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Is it worth the cost:

I am pleased with the rifle, however having the same problem as other reviewers with the scope. I have been using guns and sighting in scopes all my life and know what I am doing, and this scope won’t sight in properly .

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General Optics review related to Gamo 611009154

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  • Shoots 1400 feet per second with PBA ammo
  • Steel Jacketed Bull Barrel with integrated Bull Whisper noise dampener
  • Durable all-weather black synthetic stock; Rubber grips Twin Cheek pads for ambidextrous shooting;
  • .177 Caliber Bull Whisper air rifle with GAMO 3-9X40AO scope
  • Single cocking system; SAT Trigger; SWA Recoil Pad

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Whisper Bull Extreme technical ratings and MSRP
  • Shoots 1400 feet per second with PBA ammo
  • Single cocking system; SAT Trigger; SWA Recoil Pad
  • Durable all-weather black synthetic stock; Rubber grips Twin Cheek pads for ambidextrous shooting;
  • .177 Caliber Bull Whisper air rifle with GAMO 3-9X40AO scope
  • Steel Jacketed Bull Barrel with integrated Bull Whisper noise dampener

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