December 8, 2015

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Simmons Spotting Scope (20-60x60mm, Black) price and review:
  • High-quality BK7 prisms with fully coated optics for bright, sharp images
  • Rubber armor coating for improved grip and superior protection
  • Matte black finish; measures 14 inches long and weighs 28.7 pounds
  • 100-percent waterproof and fogproof; includes hard-shell aluminum case
  • Spotting scope with 20 to 60x magnification and 60mm objective lenses

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General Simmons 841101 description
Simmons ProSport Spotting Scope 20-60X 60 Black 841101

Comments about pricing:

I needed a spotting scope for making my time at the rifle range more than just about slinging lead — but I did not want to use up a ton of money. At my local sporting products/outdoor store, the Simmons Blazer 20-60×60 was the best obvious agreement in price, magnification power and objective lens size. It was a bonus that it came with a tripod. 1st, the included tripod is junk. It is too cheap and lacks the stability to make me comfy with the scope over it. I am constantly worried that it is going to wobble over and because the scope to break. It only took using it two or three times before I spent another $25 on a table-top tripod from Slik. Second, although the objective lens is a 60mm glass, it does not let in as much light as you could expect. My 10×42 rifle scope is far lighter. On the side from this, considering the money spent the scope does exactly what I need it to do. I am NOW able to easily see. 223 sized holes in the target paper at 100 yards and can make out. 308 &. 30-06 sized holes in the target paper at 200 yards. It saves a great deal of time being able to review my shots from the firing line instead of having to walk down to the targets to review each string of fire.

Great 841101 image here, check it out

Should you buy it:

I replaced a weaker Bushnell scope I’d had since I am shooting at much farther ranges now. I have been happy with the Simmons rifle scopes I own & have had occasion to require buyer service which was remaining. Simmons may not be considered as hi-caliber an optic as some brands or models costing ten times as much, however for the shooter or hunter who hits the range some times a month or hunts some times a year, they are a great value that you will not be scared to take into the field. I have been happy with all Simmons merchandise I have come in contact with. This scope was shipped quickly & came in a hard case, with a soft case for field carry in hunting applications. The front lens cap has a compass fitted (a useful feature if you take it hunting). The image is crisp, bright & clear out to the 300 yards I have used it at so far. I am going to attempt to get out to a 1000 yard rage, however not possible now. The tripod will include a fast removable head which really makes set-up & take-down a breeze. I do not believe you will find a better scope inside this price vary from any vendor & recommend it greatly to anybody on-the-fence about making a buy.

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Is it worth the cost:

I bought a Barska Benchmark 25-125×88 from Overstock. It was cheaply made and got so blurry, that the. 22 bullet hole at 165 yds wasn’t visable. So I returned it thinking maybe some defect. When the substitute arrived, same thing. So it went back and I got refunded the $113. No charges for the returns. Thanks. This Simmions is a much better scope,you may be able to tell just by picking it up. From one end to the other. Much better tripod that changes, someting the Barska did not. With a nice bag and hard case. And it was cheeper than the “Blurry Barska Benchmark” (say that 3 times fast.. Haha. ) The. 22 hole is visable at 165 yds. :)purchase the Simmions instead of the Barska. Yours truley;The 165yd plunker.

My wife got Scope for us last year, so far we loved it and will get the newest version
General Optics review related to Simmons 841101

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Compare Simmons Spotting Scope 841101 with similar products and prices:

Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10×40 mm MR/T M1 Scope Non-Illuminated Reticle Matte Finish

  • Constructed of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, the scope weighs 3.5 pounds
  • The scope has a large center focus wheel, fold down eyecup, and long eye relief for use with or without glasses
  • Kit also includes a sturdy tabletop tripod, soft bag for the scope, and a deluxe hard-sided storage case
  • Specifications: Eye relief(mm): 16 22, Near Focus(m): 13 16, Field of View(ft/1000yards): 78 42, View Angle: 1.5 0.8
  • The scope is 100 waterproof and fogproof for use in all weather conditions
  • The 20-60 x 80 mm zoom spotting scope has fully multi-coated lenses with BaK4 prisms

Vortex Razor HD 5-20×50 Riflescope EBR-2B MRAD Reticle

  • 20 60x Zoom
  • Eye Relief 16.5 16.0mm
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with the TSN-82SV, TSN-660 and TSN-600 Series

Trijicon RX34A-51 RX34 Reflex 42mm

  • Angled design lowers mounting height, maximizes stability, permits use of smaller tripod
  • Porro Prism offers maximum image quality and performance
  • Proprietary XR Anti-Reflective coatings

Leupold Acadia BX-2 10x50mm Binoculars

  • All scopes contain superior optical systems, including fully multicoated lenses and an internal BaK-4 prismatic focus system
  • All scopes are shockproof, waterproof and fogproof
  • Extra-long eye relief makes scopes suitable for use with goggles
  • Lynx Series spotting scopes combine advanced electronics with a user-friendly ergonomic design
  • The reticle ranges equally at all powers
  • High-quality BK7 prisms with fully coated optics for bright, sharp images
  • Rubber armor coating for improved grip and superior protection
  • Matte black finish; measures 14 inches long and weighs 28.7 pounds
  • 100-percent waterproof and fogproof; includes hard-shell aluminum case
  • Spotting scope with 20 to 60x magnification and 60mm objective lenses

Primary Arms 5X Prism Scope w/ Pat.223/5.56 5.45×39 .308 ACSS Reticle

  • ITAR PRODUCT By adding to cart, I confirm that I am U.S. Person, I agree that I do not intend to export this product, and I understand this product is regulated by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit

  • 4-12×50
  • Fully Multi-Coated for better light Transmission
  • Lifetime Warranty

Crossfire II 6 18x44mm AO Riflescope

  • FLIR thermal imaging technology lets you see clearly in total darkness, solar glare, or daylight conditions.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight at only 12 ounces
  • 240 X 180 Resolution
  • Rugged all weather design is waterproof (IP67) with a durable rubberized shell.
  • Simple 4-button operation for digital freeze frame, color palette selection and brightness controls.

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Having read other reviews regarding its China manufacture, I was a little unsure of my purchase until I opened the box… I enjoyed reading your review, but I think that I found a better deal for Bushnell Imageview SD 11 1026 in Las Vegas. Anyone out there who knows the difference between a flat and phillips head driver can repair this machine.

(20-60x60mm, Scope Black) technical ratings and MSRP
  • 100-percent waterproof and fogproof; includes hard-shell aluminum case
  • Rubber armor coating for improved grip and superior protection
  • High-quality BK7 prisms with fully coated optics for bright, sharp images
  • Spotting scope with 20 to 60x magnification and 60mm objective lenses
  • Matte black finish; measures 14 inches long and weighs 28.7 pounds

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